• Cool cottage in the country for good projects

    Every man in his own life is to build a cottage, bring up the baby and always planted near his house a lot of trees. The question only in that building – it is not easy. Of course, you can refer to the services of the workers that carry out the usual design. For those who do not know – this is the usual pattern, which can be slightly modified, and can be left as is. Of course, all people as people. Therefore, if possible, every desire to stay in a luxury house, which differs from other typical homes. The main thing that it was a real soul, which is combined with the external characteristics of the design that would completely satisfy you. On the web site http:/ you read the list of our services for the construction and layout of the cottages. There is a judgment that the tree has the ability to feed its people power. So the wooden houses projects so needed today. In ancient times in Russia, the large mass of the buildings were made of wood. Perhaps our ancestors had certain knowledge, but in these days are built wooden cottages for another significant reason. Cities, towns filled with more than a million vehicles, mines. The general economic condition of the state is reduced to the parameters of each city, where this problem is clearly expressed. Projects wooden beams of the baths, built in the city, saving everyone from a dirty environment. What is the razbrevnovka? This is a complete planning of housing, which takes into account any particular tree and its properties. Businesses make records of wall elements that are needed for construction of structures made of logs. That is, you can buy as projects of wooden houses with a bath, and account only for an apartment or cottage. The above service can help reduce waste in the field manufacturing material. That is an accurate record of materials will help you acquire a specific number of trees, so there was no tree is not involved. More than this, the projects of wooden houses from the log implies the absence of any errors in its assembly and construction. As mentioned a little earlier, these projects are made subject to any characteristics of the logs. These features not only reduce the inconvenience of stay in the cottage, but also contribute to the maintenance of human health. To begin with, the tree has good insulating properties. I mean, in the winter cold temperature of the atmosphere in the house will always be constant, the heat are preserved. In the summer time saves coolness. Draft country houses of logs suggest all the details and scope of the logs, and it ensures that no drafts, among other things. However, this does not prove that your cottage is stifling. The tree has the property of this ventilation by a fibrous structure. I mean, for full days varies more than 30 percent air. The air is cleaned through the wood fibers and penetrates into the cottage, along with the sweet smells of feasting. Needless to say, if you wish to apply for the construction of round logs, the price of the project will be a lot less than building a concrete home. The walls of the wooden building does not require any registration, which is reduce the financial costs of construction. Book projects on our website.



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